Pandan cake, Raspberry cake,,,,enaknya…..

Today is a state holiday,,,was thinking of what to eat for my lunch,,,yea,,then,,I headed to Tesco to buy some cakes….yummy!!

The green colour one is the Pandan layer cake.

Pandan is sold fresh at the market, or grown in home gardens. It is also available dried, as an extract, or in a concentrated paste. Fresh pandan paste is easy to make, has a good flavor, and keeps fresh for up to two weeks in the refrigerator.
Follow these instructions to make Pandan paste:-
1) Cut pandan leaves into small pieces with your kitchen scissors.
2) Place cut pandan leaves into the blender.
3) Add just enough water to almost cover the leaves. It’s better to start with too little water, you can always add more as needed.
4) Blend water and pandan leaves, adding more water as necessary.
5) Refrigerate paste for up to two weeks, and use as needed.

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