Women are cleverer than men

History has seen many debates between male and female in terms of cleverness. In brief, clever means quick or skilful in thinking or learning. Albert Einstein (1878 – 1955) had quoted that “A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it”. Some research shown that women are cleverer than men but there are also research shown that men are wiser than women. Wise means having knowledge, adaptability and enlightened. Could we conclude that women are cleverer than men but men are wiser than women?

To me, these researches are not scientific proven and only take into account of a small number of the population as the sample. My opinion is that women can be clever and wise and so do men. It is not accurate to judge a person cleverness base on the gender.

Let’s take a look on a scenario if all women are clever than men. If it true, this do not justify the sizeable amount of SPM and STPM top scorers which are male students. Cleverness is a result of hard work in learning. It only happens to a genius student to score in exam without taking any effort in study. God have given the equal cleverness to each person either male or female. It is the person effort to gain knowledge in studies that could increase his/her level of cleverness and wisdom. We hardly could see a lazy and playful woman can do better than a hardworking man in an exam. Yes, it does happen sometimes but not in most the cases.

Some people think that cleverness is not related to the level of education and learning. Instead, they claim that cleverness is how a person outperforms the others using tricks. It sound illogic and this statement refer to a cunning person rather a clever person. Honesty is always the best policy.

Another personal opinion is that most women amid all are more focus on thinking and learning; that make them absorb the learning faster. Eventually, women look cleverer than men. However most men with exclusion of some minority are less focus but have a better imagination and innovation. This led them to be more aware of the surroundings and become wiser than women.

In conclusion, there is no right or wrong answers to the opinion of women are cleverer than men. It is all based on the individual characteristics rather than by gender. Men and women can be cooperating to create a strong teamwork since both genders have differentials and similarities.


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