Farmers will be very well off

“Many times, you have said that the sectors with potential are farming and mining. How do ordinary people take advantage of such opportunities, apart from marrying a farmer? – Ng Shi Ping

It is a good idea to go into the farming business. You don’t have to marry a farmer to do that. There are other ways to do that. You can go into a business which sells to farmers, like selling seeds, tractors or farm equipment. You can even move into a farm area and open a shop. Farmers will be very well off in the next few years. You can be an accountant, a hairdresser, a lawyer but you offer your services to a farming community. The best way is to be a farmer. – Jim Rogers ” ~ Your 10 questions, The Star 12 September 2009

I think he might be right, farmers will be very well off when the economic crisis start at full force. Food will be in huge demand.

There are opportunities in farming. But many ordinary people may think of how to start? Where to get funding? How to get the land to do farming?

You may visit Agrobank website to find out how to kick start your new career as a farmer.

Good luck everyone!


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