Project Management Indiscipline or Discipline

One year ago, I wrote an article about project management indiscipline. It has been the most read article in my blog.I feel like wanna write little about my project management indiscipline part 2,,,,or perhaps discipline events.

Ever since I was a teenager, I had encounter strangers who like to share their thought with me. One event happenned somewhere in 2003 while I was just finished a job interview ( been to quite a number prior to that but not successful in nailing any) and sat on a bench outside McDonald Ampark Park, when one working salaryman on lunch time sat next to me while we started a conversation. He told me that “It doesn`t matter about your qualification and working experience, the most important is how do you perform during an interview”.  Since then, I achieved many successful job interviews but this is not what I am going to blog right now,,maybe I will blog about the secret to nail a job during  interview in my next post.

When I apply this to project management; this could be mean that it doesn`t matter about adopting real project management discipline or indiscipline, the most important is how do you smoothly manage the project during the implementation.

Some project manager work very hard just to make sure everything is on order, some rely others to do the job, some focus on real teamworks, some are forcing the contractors to follow every his commands(often being hated), some are rational (but this type of PM are always being taken for granted), and many more.

My project management at Bukit Kiara

My project management at Bukit Kiara

The project manager should use varieties of attitude and approach when dealing against each different type of person or party. The is no right or wrong in situation like this, just think of your best option and do the execution. Other might think you did the wrong decision but you must be sure you do the right thing in the end.

Relax living at East 12 @ Kiara Heaven

Relax living at East 12 @ Kiara Heaven


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