If United States In Hyperinflation And The One Who Get Cough Too

~In the 1930s, we had a huge stock market bubble which popped. And then politicians started making many mistakes. They became protectionist. They made solvent banks take over insolvent banks and then both banks failed in the end. They are making many of the same mistakes now. What’s different this time is that we are printing huge amounts of money which they did not print at that time. So, we are going to have inflation this time. ~ Jim Rogers, 20 June 2009.

Emhhh, how do I need to evaluate this situation to China and Malaysia?

Jim Rogers had predicted that inflation could set in. I guess he was mentioning to United States,,,,or maybe the whole world. I am interest to study the impact of the inflation in United States to the rest of the world.My prediction is that if inflation really to be taking place in United States in near future; China and Malaysia could be severely effected as well.

My analysis is based on the study of currency movement between US dollar and these 2 countries. When US dollar was strengthening against the Euro, British Pound and Australia Dollar in late 2008 and early 2009, the Yuan and Ringgit Malaysia were following the US dollar pattern to strengthen. Now, we are seeing the same happenning to Yuan and Ringgit when the US dollar weakening.

The summarize that US dollar, Yuan, Ringgit are moving in the same basket versus the basket that consist of Euro, British Pound, Brazil Real and Australian dollar.

So, if United States will go into inflation, I need not to tell the answer about China and Malaysia.

You can figure it out.