The last discount

The mad rush to the petrol stations across Malaysia began from 5.30pm until 11.59pm on 4th June 2008. Insane jam, jam and jam to the petrol stations to buy the last discount of fuels.What a pathetic day that will go down the history.

I was stuck in the traffic jam caused by cars queing to the stations. Traffic chaos happenned in many roads in Petaling Jaya. I was so mad that I do not even think of filling up my car tank that only had less a quarter of fuels. My only wish at the time, was to enable to get to home. The usually travel time from my office to home is about 25 minutes. That day, it took me almost 4 hours!!

                            The mad rush of the last discount on 4th June 2008

The economics theory of supply and demand stated that when the supply increase , demand also need to increase or demand increase, supply also increase.
This apply to (the petrol prices being lifted subsidy – pay at market rate.) = supply value increase.
(Salary/wages of Malaysian also need to increase since we are paid undervalued – suggested to pay at market rate.) = demand value increase.
The main problem now is that our salary are not increased at the rate of the real inflation. This caused the imbalance to the supply and demand theory.

Perhaps, that would be the last discount for Malaysians. Be ready of the domino effects to the inflation of price of goods, foods, transportations, accomodations, etc… The worst have yet to come………


One Response to The last discount

  1. Lynn says:

    Hahah. Yes.
    I’m also worried about inflation as well. It’s like Malaysia’s going back to history.

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