Could Ringgit be strengthen to help curb rising inflation?

In my prediction, the Ringgit will not be stengthen now because if it do so, Malaysia will not be able to compete with Thailand, Vietnam, China etc. This is because our economy is still depending on cheap labour manufacturing industries. We are not producing high tech manufacturing industries like Singapore. Hence, Malaysians workers wages (not include top management positions) are kept at a low level on par with Thailand and slighly higher than Vietnam and China. In fact, workers here are paid undervalued.Thats why we import many foreign cheap labours from Bangladesh. The reasons of many Malaysians move to work in Singapore and Australia to earn money based on their true work value.


Learn from Singapore

Time has arrived for Malaysians to learn from Singapore. Stop being self proud of yourselves and admit the fact that we are behind Singapore. No living in dreamland anymore.

Accept the reality that we have a lots of catch up to do. We are facing inflations,world food crisis, economics uncertainty etc. Come on, create values to our social economy. Singapore had done it.

Count On Me Singapore